Selectiv Inclusions

Selectiv Inclusions

Offering an advertising campaign and candidate shortlisting services, for a fixed price of just $997+GST, you will get:

Job Advertising Campaign

Giving you maximum exposure, we advertise your vacancy on Seek and, depending on the location, as a Featured Ad on our targeted local employment websites and facebook pages.  We can also discuss other advertising options which may be appropriate to maxmise the exposure of your position.   

Resume screening

A service to screen resumes for essential and desirable criteria, to ensure your interview shortlist consists of candidates with the right skills and attributes for the role.  Many roles attract large numbers of applicants which requires many hours to properly process, can you afford to spend YOUR time doing this?  A shortlist of the Top 5 candidates will be provided along with a summary of how they match your criteria.

Skills, personality and aptitude testing

To ensure your candidates have the capability to meet the demands of your role, you can quickly and reliably measure their abilities in areas such as critical thinking, problem solving and learning capacity, as well as measure specific skills essential to the role.  Plus, you'll have access to one of our recruitment specialists to discuss the results of the tests and answer any of your queries.

These tests include, but are not limited to:

  • Typing Test - measures speed and accuracy

  • Cognitive Aptitude Test - measures and individual's aptitude or ability to solve problems, learn new skills and think critically

  • Basic Skills Test - measures basic math and verbal skills required to succeed in a wide variety of non-managerial roles

  • Computer Literacy and Internet Knowledge Test - an assessment of basic computer skills, including internet browsers, email applications and WP programs

  • Sales Achievement Predictor - a personality profile that provides insight into a candidate's work style and suitability for sales positions

  • Customer Service Aptitude Profile - measures personality traits that are critical for success in customer service and related positions

  • Attention Skills Test - an aptitude test to measure a person's concentration and ability to sustain focus on one or more tasks while avoiding distractions

  • Workplace Productivity Profile - a behavioral risk assessment to predict whether an individual will be productive and reliable