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Essential information you need to support your next candidate selection decision

Essential information you need to support your next candidate selection decision...

The face of advertising and recruiting is rapidly changing.  With competition for jobs fierce, in an environment where candidates bring with them ever more diverse skill-sets, employers now need to adopt new ways of making recruitment decisions.

But how do you make the right hiring decision?

Not every business has a dedicated recruitment specialist in their organisation to make hiring decisions, and the results of these decisions can have a long term positive or negative impact on your business.  And not every role justifies the investment of using a full end-to-end recruitment service.  We believe that giving our advertisers the option to access a wide range of tangible and objective information about their potential candidates, at affordable fixed prices, is the way forward.

Having the ability to obtain vital information you need to support your recruitment decisions will ensure that you can efficiently and effectively recruit the right person for your role.

What is the essential information you need to know about the candidates for your role?

Many positions have crtitical skill-sets that candidates must possess to be successful in their roles.  Whether your candidate needs to have a certain qualification, length of relevant experience, speed at typing, or needs to possess great presentation skills and be articulate, once you know your essential criteria, you can select the right tool to test those attributes, before you decide who is worthy of an interview.

Having the right detailed information enables you to easily perform the pre-selection process, without the need to spend lots of money.

Once you have leveraged the advantages of Selectiv™ to build a really strong shortlist of interview-ready candidates, you really are in the best position to confidently select your ideal employee at the interview!

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You can post an ad for your job vacancy and find candidates via JobSkillsNetwork.com - the employment ecosystem, dedicated to strengthening local employment networks.


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